This is a User Control which you can include in a Normal Windows Form, or WPF Window or even a task pane in Office 2007/2010.

The code is actually cropped from an existing project. So bear with me please.

Sample to include this in a Windows Form will be :

1. Create a Windows Form.
2. Create a Host Control in the Windows Form. Name it ElementHost1.
3. Create a new object of UserControl -->
4. Initialize the FishEyeControl object
ATaskPane.ImageContainerVS vs = new ImageContainerVS();
vs.Initialize(AppName.PowerPoint, this, path, true, 100, 100, 1, true, 2);
In the above line, the first param will be the AppName, an Enum. I have used this control as a task pane in my office project, so it helps me identifying the object belongs to PowerPoint, Word or Excel.
5. Add the FishEyeControl to the control created in Step 3.
6. Add the usercontrol to the hostpanel.
7. Completed!!!!!



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